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MANY IMAGE Editing Tools! | http://www.blibs.com/editor/

TEXT – 3d Transparent / pngs |  http://cooltext.com/Logo-Design?LogoID=113988297

Backgrounds |  http://fantasyartdesign.com/3dgallery/a-digital/30pictures-3d.htm

Backgrounds #2 | http://www.digitalblasphemy.com/freegallery.shtml

Backgrounds #3 | http://visualparadox.com/gallery.htm

BGs #4 | http://www.grsites.com/textures/

 Photos Editors | Big Huge Labs | http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/magazine.php

#2 | http://mashable.com/2007/06/23/photography-toolbox/

Transparency Creation | http://www.imageconverterplus.com/help-center/about-icp/

Also | http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/pluginsfilterseffects/l/bleliminateit1.htm

FireStarter Flash Transparents | http://www.coffeecup.com/firestarter/help/how-to-make-a-transparent-background.138.html

Creating Trans Back – Phototshop | http://www.mediacollege.com/adobe/photoshop/transparent/background.html

Collection | Trans parency Creators | http://shareme.com/showall/Transparent-Image.html

Thumbs – Backgounds | http://kozasoft.com/wgc/try.htm

All COFEE CUP | http://www.coffeecup.com/software/


About.com Links Here | http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/onlineimagetools/Webbased_Image_Tools_and_Online_Services.htm


3D Text Maker | Select font, color, dimensions, and other variables... then enter your text and make an instant logo.

Andromeda eFX Services | Apply hundreds of manipulations and special effects to your own images or any image selected from eFXservices Albums. Requires a fast Internet connection and the latest browser.

Animation Online | Create free animated buttons and banners.

Animation.com | A template-based approach to creating animated banners, offering both free and premium master templates as well as help with banner placement.

Crecon New Banner Generator | Choose from a variety of backgrounds, then add text and customize it.

DVD Smiles Image Converter | A Web-based tool to convert and resize images.

ePassportPhoto | Free web site to generate a passport photo — just upload, rotate, crop, download, and print.

FlamingText.com | Create logos, text, images, or banners in a number of styles, completely free.

Flickr Toys | Upload your personal photos and turn them into movie posters, magazine covers, trading cards, framed photos, mosaics, ID badges, billboards, calendars, and more.

Fliptrack | "Fliptrack is a free online service that allows anyone to create photo-music mash-ups, setting their digital photos to music... simply select a song, and then drag-and-drop digital photos onto the timeline. Once complete, Fliptrack converts the creation into a flash-video for viewing as a musical photo montage or slide show."

Fluxtools: Resize and email photos | Fluxify resizes photos before upload, while maintaining high quality. Once uploaded, Fluxify delivers photos to the mailbox(es) of your choice.

FotoFlexer | FotoFlexer is an online photo editor with retouch, coloring and distortion tools. It can create cartoons from your photos, make photos appear as painting, and more.

Gickr.com | Create a gif animation from uploaded pictures.

GIFCruncher & JPEG Cruncher
Free tool compresses GIFs or JPEGs from an URL, FTP directory, or your hard drive. Desktop versions also available.

GIFWorks | Create special effects with any GIF image using this free online tool.

JPEG Wizzard | This free service allows you to edit and compress JPEG images without the damage of uncompression and recompression. | LiTha-Paint - web-based drawing service
"This software has been written by a group of enthusiasts who believe that Web based technologies should cardinaly change the way of how we work and entertain... Our goal is to bring to the Web all the features that only traditional offline vector graphic software has been providing in the past." LiTha-Paint is currently in the alpha testing phase of development.

Logo Generator | Create customized logos and banners by choosing a font, text size, image size, format, and colors.

LookWow Web-Based Photo Enhancement | A free, web-based photo enhancement application. No downloads or registration required.

myImager.com | This free online image editor allows you to resize, crop, rotate, and flip images, apply various effects, and optimize images up to 200 Kbytes.

NetMechanic GifBot | This free service can reduce image bloat in both GIF and JPEG files up to 90% and offers a choice between before and after results.

Online Graphics Generator | Cooltext.com is a free service that will automatically generate copyright free Web graphics customized to your specifications, almost instantly. |

Oyonale - The Image Mixer | "ImageMixer scans the directories of this website, samples the images it finds and creates a new, original picture. You can control the process through several parameters, such as the size, shape, number and opacity of the samples."

Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer (Web-based)
"You can use the Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer to change the age, race or sex of a facial image, to transform it to the style of a famous artist, to make an exagerated caricature or even make an ape of yourself!"

Phixr - Online Photo Editor | Phixr is an online photo editor with the 'look & feel' similar to desktop applications. Phixr was developed for users in internet cafes and office computers and offers a full palette of tools to edit digital photos.

PhotoShow (Web-based) | "Upload photos from your computer, any MySpace account, or photo URL. After uploading photos, you can customize your music, captions, transition styles, and more!"

PiccyFix  | "PiccyFix is a free, simple, easy-to-use web-based online photo, image and picture wizard. You can make your pictures darker, lighter, black and white, color, or sepia tone, and add simple effects, resize, shrink, rotate, flip then save in jpg/jpeg,gif,png and bmp formats."

Picnik  | "With Picnik you can quickly edit all your online photos from one place. It's the easiest way on the Web to fix underexposed photos, remove red-eye, or apply effects to your photos."

PikiPimp  | Upload a photo and then "pimp your image" (or someone else's) by adding drag and drop hairstyles, beards, mustaches, glasses, chest hair, eyes, jewelry, lips, teeth, tattoos, hats, leather, and more.

Pixoh: Edit Pictures Online | This online photo editor lets you import pictures from any web site, or your computer; export to Flickr, or save as JPG, PNG, PDF, TIF, or PSD; and perform basic editing like crop, rotate, and resize with unlimited undo and redo. More features are in the works while Pixoh is in active development.

Polaroid-o-nizer | Enter the URL for an image (Must already be online), add a caption, and your photo will be Polaroid-o-nized.

PXN8.COM - Photos Made Easy | Rotate, crop, resize, adjust colors, interlace  blur, filter, whiten teeth, remove red eye, and more with this free online photo editor. It also gives you direct access to your Flickr account. Even includes undo/redo, and selection tools.

Quick Thumbnail | "The fastest way to resize your pictures and images. Choose an image file, select some resize options, and hit Resize it. Your image will be uploaded to the server and resized, and then any or all of the resized images will be provided in a single convenient view. Not only can you get simultaneous generation of different sizes but you can enlarge your images too."

QuickBanner | Free online banner creation tool. Choose from two sizes and a number of themes.

ResizR - Easy online image resize | "ResizR is a nifty, free and very useful little helper. ResizR allows you to resize an image from your local computer or the web."

SegPlay | A free, interactive online Java applet that lets you color in images as paint by numbers. You can even submit your own digital photos to be "segmated."

Smilart Fan Studio Online Photo Editor | This free online photo editors lets you correct red eye, reduce noise, remove distortions correct vignette, rotate, flip, crop, sharpen, and adjust color and tone.

Snipshot | Snipshot offers basic editing tools like crop, rotate, resize, unlimited undo and redo. Features nondestructive scaling, rotating, and cropping, and the ability to save as GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG, or TIF.

Splashup | "Splashup, formerly Fauxto, is a powerful editing tool and photo manager. With all the features professionals use and novices want, it's easy to use, works in real-time and allows you to edit many images at once. Splashup runs in all browsers, integrates seamlessly with top photosharing sites, and even has its own file format so you can save your work in progress."

The Banner Generator | Free service to let you create graphical banners for your web-pages.

The Rasterbator (Web-based) | "The Rasterbator creates huge, rasterized images from any picture. Upload an image, print the resulting multi-page pdf file and assemble the pages into extremely cool looking poster up to 20 meters in size." The Rasterbator i a web-based tool, and is also available as a stand-alone Windows application with no size or resolution limits.

Tracking Shot | "We've made tracking shot to help you create videos that you will want to share with your friends and family. Essentially all you have to do is click upload and then select the photos and music that you want to use. We'll do the rest by putting the files on our site and making a first cut of your movie automatically. The second step is just watching the movie! If you like it, then you're done."

VicImager (Web-based) | VicImager is a free online image processer. Upload images from your desktop or enter any valid internet image URL to adjust size, brightness, add special effects, etc.

Text Makers 2d / 3d | http://www.grsites.com/logo/

Many Free Graphic Tools | http://www.1netcentral.com/graphics-tools.html

More #1  | http://www.freewarefiles.com/

More #2 | http://mediabuilder.com/  | http://www.iqauto.com/cgi-bin/3dgen.pl

Free Graphics Programs | http://www.freewarefiles.com/category/graphics.php

Screen Capture | http://www.freewarefiles.com/program_3_40_1547.html




Best Biz Pubs software | http://desktop-publishing-software-review.toptenreviews.com/art-explosion-publisher-pro-review.html

Best Biz Pub | http://desktop-publishing-software-review.toptenreviews.com/



Ready made Logos | http://www.ready-made-loqos.com/

Animated Logos | http://virtualspots.com/portfolio.php | Flash Logos | http://www.virtualspotz.biz/

Logo text | http://www.cooltext.com/

Logo Software | http://www.thelogocreator.com/




Flash Site Links | http://www.w3schools.com/flash/flash_howto.asp

Flash Lite – adobe – 30 day trial | http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?event=mmform&name=flashlite

Shock wave Player – download | http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?

Great Flash Templates | http://www.easytemplates.com/fla-templates_1.htm

Flash Software | http://www.amarasoftware.com/flash-photo-animations.htm

Flash | http://www.flashkit.com/

Swish Best | http://www.swishzone.com/index.php?area=products&product=max&tab=downloads

Flash Board | http://board.flashkit.com/board/

Coffee Cup / Add Videos | http://www.coffeecup.com/video-player/  | http://www.coffeecup.com/software/

CC - Downloads | http://www.coffeecup.com/video-player/download.php?getFile

http://www.coffeecup.com/ad-producer/download.php  | http://www.coffeecup.com/freestuff/

CC - Fonts- sign up | http://www.coffeecup.com/freestuff/fonts/  | http://www.coffeecup.com/freestuff/fonts/index.php?cat_id=19

Converts to Flash! | http://media-convert.com/

Free Flash Openers | http://www.wyomingwebdesign.com/files/flash/index.html

Great Flash Designs | http://www.ohmyflash.com/?gclid=CI6B2vbSv40CFQkpYAodVRbKEw

Pres Engine | http://www.presentationengine.com/myie/examples.asp

Flash Side Show Maker | http://www.download3000.com/download_14973.html

Flash Side Show Samples | http://www.flash-slideshow-maker.com/overview/sample.php

Flash Cartoon Creations | http://www.thefrown.com/index.php?&/cartoons/52/496

Premade R Free Flash Movies \ http://www.inovartis.com/

Free Tuts | http://www.entheosweb.com/Flash/default.asp

Free Flash Gallerys – to edit | http://www.entheosweb.com/Flash/free_flash_photo_gallery.asp

Part 2 | http://www.entheosweb.com/Flash/Photo_Gallery2/index.asp

Flash MX 2004 LiveDocs - Tutorial | http://livedocs.adobe.com/flash/mx2004/main_7_2/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/html/wwhelp.htm?href=Part_GettingStarted.html


Flash MX 2004 – Download | http://www.soft32.com/download_353.html

Flash Reesources | http://www.allgraphicdesign.com/flash.html




The following is a list of Free and Premium Services that have been submitted to us for inclusion in the ezine. Thanks for everyone who submitted resources. We hope you find these tools useful.

The CGI Resource Index Programs and Scripts Perl   |http://www.cgi-resources.com/Programs_and_Scripts/Perl/

Great keywords Generator / Meta Tags maker http://www.iboost.com/tools/index.html

Metatag Doorway Page Generator *** http://www.bruceclay.com/FreeClayGen.htm

Metatag Generator http://www.a1b2c3.com/free/html03.htm

Web Page Duplication http://scriptsearch.internet.com/pages/l14c6c30.shtml

FREE WEB HOST LISTS http://www.earnmoney.freehosting.net/Webhosting.htm

Free Web Host links  http://www.thefreesite.com/Free_Web_Space/

More FREE Tools for Webmasters
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 LavaSoft - Cleans Spyware from Your Computer | Free multi spyware removal utility that scans your memory, registry and hard drives for known spyware and scumware components and lets you remove them safely.
Webmaster Traffic Tools | Search Engine submitter, Link Popularity Checker, Meta Tag Validator, and many more traffic builder tools.
Access Your PC from Anywhere | Download a free trial of this remote-access software. Securely access and use your PC from any Web browser.
Sell Your Merchandise Online | Free Setup, Free Stores. Customize merchandise with your logo and make money on every sale.


CoolText - Free Online Logos | Simply choose what kind of image you would like to create. Then, fill out a form and you'll have your own images created on the fly.

EyeDropper Color Picker | Need to grab a color and convert it to an HTML display? Use this totally fabulous software to hover over colors and get their hex code equivalents.

WEB Tools Button Generator | http://www.321webmaster.com/goto.php?listing=1908



Download Videos from YouTube! | http://www.freewarefiles.com/program_5_239_23255.html

“ Another | http://www.freewarefiles.com/cat_5_239_Video-Search-Downloader.html

Free 200 TV Stations | http://www.freewarefiles.com/program_6_212_12454.html

Free Audio Editor | http://www.freewarefiles.com/program_6_229_25605.html

Calender Makers | http://www.freewarefiles.com/cat_8_80_Calendars.html 


PC Tools | http://majorgeeks.com/download.php?id=1&sort=7

WinAmp New | http://www.freewarefiles.com/program_6_73_459.html

Freeware Downloads | http://www.download3000.com/showarticles-90-1-license.html

Web Design Free Tools | http://www.freeware-guide.com/dir/web/design.html

Talking Site Greeters | http://www.oddcast.com/sitepal/ | http://vhost.oddcast.com/admin/biz_vhss_frame.php?spec=1



Web Effects Gen | http://nbswebfx.com/webfx.cgi

Web Design Freeware | http://www.freeware-guide.com/dir/web/design.html

Online Brochure maker | http://www.mybrochuremaker.com/free-brochure-software-fun.html#

Adobe templates | http://www.ideabook.com/prepage.htm


50 Coolest Websites | http://www.time.com/time/2005/websites/

Easy Web Design Program | http://webpage-maker.com/

Flickr Tools | http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/  

Screen Capture Video Software - 37.00  | http://www.siteclaims.com/tgprod.html?hop=lvicc&tid=VVIPNL

Color RGB #s | http://instant-eyedropper.com/info/html_color_code/

Tremor Media - Video Advertising | http://www.tremormedia.com/home.php

Great Design Resources | http://creativepublic.com/  | http://creativepublic.com/creative_resources.php#freewebtemplates

Site Map | http://www.creativepublic.com/site_map.php


Cards – Print HOT Cards | http://coawebprojects.com/creative/print.aspx


Free WebMaster Tools and Scripts | http://www.bignosebird.com/

Go Daddy Doamin_Hosting Reseller Info | http://www.wildwestdomains.com/stockstore.aspx

Website Html Editor.... Many are FREE (Student Edited)

WYSWYG HTML Editors  -Tutorial TOUR | http://www.webedpro.com/screenshots.html

Best of the Net - Html Editors| http://download.com.com/3120-20-0.html?qt=html+editors&tg=dl-2001&search=+Go%21+

City Max | http://www.citymax.com | http://www.citymax.com/host/screenshots.htm



WEBSITE with Hosting / $99 Year | http://www.pizazzy.com/index.html

Cheap Web Hosts and Space | http://100best-web-hosting.com/ | http://www.hostaz.com/

Info-sales-Blue | http://www.pushbuttonpublishing.com/purchase_club.html



Drop down Menus | http://javascript.internet.com/generators/drop-down-menu.html

Mouse Overs | Hovers |  http://www.cgiexpo.com/Scripts/142_JavaScript_Scripts_Mouse_and_Pointers/10

Best Java Scripts | http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex13/

Scripts |  http://webdeveloper.earthweb.com/webjs/jsbg/item.php/444771

Mouse Over / Hovers | http://www.javascriptcity.com/scripts/local/smouse1.htm  | http://www.pageresource.com/dhtml/jtut3.htm


Inside edge WEBEX Conference streaming | http://www.webex.com/ |

Online Proofing | http://www.proofitonline.com/onlineproofing.cfm?lid=hd

Illustrator Graphic tool templates | http://www.copycraft.com/templates.html

Graphics Desin Links – MANY | http://www.allgraphicdesign.com/

Free Design Templates | http://www.allgraphicdesign.com/templates.html

Best Graphics Software _ Overview | http://graphicssoft.about.com/od/findsoftware/f/webgraphics.htm


Web Site Templates


Unlimited Access only $79.95  http://www.webmastersplaza.com/web-templates-1-10.htm#7

Trendy flash | http://www.trendyflash.com/signup.htm  | All Web Co | http://allwebcodesign.com/setup/resume.htm

Demo ITOS | http://www.trendyflash.com/introbuilder/demo.htm (Virtual Agency - Music)

** Nice site ! http://www.centurylv.com/flash/main.html

Cool Site RED Template / Simple and Cool | http://www.hammerheadadvertising.com/flash.html

DF | http://www.dynamicfactory.com/


Web Site templates | Free – Good | http://www.webgfx.ch/templates1/index.html

Unlimited Access only $79.95  http://www.webmastersplaza.com/web-templates-1-10.htm#7

1000 TEMPLATES = $199.99 | http://www.1000webtemplates.com/  |

Trendy flash | http://www.trendyflash.com/signup.htm  | All Web Co | http://allwebcodesign.com/setup/resume.htm

Demo ITOS | http://www.trendyflash.com/introbuilder/demo.htm  (Virtual Agency - Music)


Best – DynAMIC Factory | http://www.dynamicfactory.com/  | http://www.webmastersplaza.com/web-templates-11-20.htm


Web Templates (Free)

Free Layouts | http://www.freelayouts.com/  |

Free Web Templates | http://www.freelayouts.com/templates/display/templates


Membership | $75.00 / 6 mo 5.00 each | http://www.basictemplates.com/join.shtml


Web Templates (to purchase)


Portals | http://www.atemplate.com/browse.php?cat=port&per_page=28&page=1

Fav | http://www.atemplate.com/show_template.php?tid=253

Misc… Web Templates | http://www.flasheasy.com/rankingPro/templates..html

http://www.jatslo.com/Template.htm | http://templates.thehotweb.net/ | http://www.best-templates.net/

Amazing (3D animations) Graphics – Check out Clear Vision Template | http://www.boxedart.com/

Superb Templates | http://www.templatemonster.com/category.php?action=search_all

More Website Templates | http://www.atemplate.com/browse.php?cat=port







http://photoshopwebtemplates.com | http://www.flasheasy.com/




Best HTML and Flash Templates


Cheap $15 -19.00 Decent | http://www.biz-plates.com  | Low Cost $12 –16.00 | http://templatesmall.com/  |

Excellent $50.00 range | http://www.flasheasy.com/fe_files/fe_website_files/website_page1.html

More | http://www.boxedart.com | http://www.best-templates.com/general_templates.html

http://www.templatemonster.com | http://www.hooverwebdesign.com/templates/index.html



Best HTML Web Templates | http://www.easytemplates.com/

Web – Templates |  http://www.mytemplatestorage.com/

Web Wowies Galleries | http://www.webwowies.com/web_gallery.htm

Portals | http://www.atemplate.com/browse.php?cat=port&per_page=28&page=1

Amazing (3D animations) Graphics – Check out Clear Vision Template | http://www.boxedart.com/

Superb Templates | http://www.templatemonster.com/category.php?action=search_all


** Nice site ! http://www.centurylv.com/flash/main.html

Cool Site RED Template / Simple and Cool | http://www.hammerheadadvertising.com/flash.html


BEST Flash Web Template Styles


#2| http://www.bhong.com/rh/main.html

#3 Peter Woods favs | http://www.chanj.com | www.leshall.com  |

#3 | http://www.template-help.com/aff/preview_neutral.php?aff=dealertemplates

#4| http://www.template-help.com/aff/preview_neutral.php?aff=dealertemplates

#5 | http://www.templatetuning.com/customer_1/step1_1.php?t_number=3337

#6. http://www.mlmtc.com/default.htm

#7 | Pop Up - From Computer screen | http://www.astradesign.com/portfolio/web_development_institute.html#

#8 | (Gou) Alice dance | http://www.alicedance.com/ | http://www.theeweddinglibrary.com/

#9 | http://www.photovegas.com/galleries.htm

#10 | Moving Pictures -Excellent! | http://www.virtualdigitalimaging.com/gallery.htm

ALL Web | http://allwebco-templates.com/templates/samples/sounds5.htm

Level | http://www.leveltendesign.com/portfolio_web_design.php

10 Min Flash http://www.10minuteflash.com/examples.html

Trendy Flash | http://www.trendyflash.com/index.asp?affid=w3eb

More John Guo Samples |  www.guostudios.com | http://www.visualoasis.com/interfacep.htm

My Favs - Digital Art | http://www.dantesworld.net/


MAKEOVERS  | Redesign | http://www.pdesigner.net/  | http://pdesigner.net/Website_Makeovers.html

http://www.merimage.com/services_website_makeovers.htm  | http://www.website-makeover.net/pages/portfolio.html

$350.00 | http://www.creastar.com/  |


Web Designers (LV) Top of Page


Website Packages | WEB Designers | LV


All LV Web Designers | http://www.marketingtool.com/channel/webfirm/b.435.o.48.g.33.html

Fav / Leah $800-1500.00 | http://www.lovemywebsite.com/web_design_pricing.htm

$989 =10 WebPages / 1 Year Hosting / Logo Design / Unlimited Emails http://www.tririba.com/

Perkoltae –Excellent Bus Promo Tools http://www.perkolate.com/contact.html

Good Designs –Price? | http://www.las-vegas-webdesign.com/portfolio.html

Excellent Designs – price? | http://www.snellingwebdevelopment.com/clients1.htm

$995 13 Pages / OK Package | http://www.nevadawebsite.com/packages.htm

Packages Stare at $425-$675 | http://www.vegasgraphics.com/pricing_wp.htm

Starter Pack $595.00 | http://www.alldigitalnet.com/design.html

AMB starts at  $495. SEO Results! | http://www.ambwebdesign.com/pricing.htm

$80 per page / 5 = $400.00 / 50 cent scans | http://vdpservices.com/designservices.htm#Web%20Site%20Design


5-115 Pages = From $ 750 - 1250 | Great Stuff! $599.00 BIZ Website Package


WebCoastDesign.com | http://www.webcoastdesign.com/

Don't have $500-$3,000 to spend on a web site? Have a professional custom built website for $39.95-$79.95/mo.Inc hosting!

Nice Stuff – Print and Graphics- Lyle! http://www.aaiio.com/print.htm

City Maxx Websites  | 20.00 Month See List! http://www.citymax.com/

Amazing Web Templates! $30-60.00 | http://allwebcodesign.com/setup/index.htm

Marketing and Website Package =$1000 http://www.looksharpdesigns.com/seo_web_special.html


LV Designers High Tech Sites / Multi media | http://www.cytekconsulting.com/work.html


LV – Price: $575.00 Package http://websitecenter.com/design/packages.html |

LV – Good! http://bizwala.com/services.html

LV Websites | http://companywebsite.com/websitetemplates/basic/CWB_0002/


CustoMores – Web Design Links

Our Favorite LV Web Designers and Templates

Blaze (50 National Designers) | http://www.moonflyte.com/lo_bandwidth/designers/index.html

Blaze - Online Flash Commercial – 2 Samples | http://www.susannavance.com  | http://www.sariahbishop.com

Customores Site Template | http://www.ideawork.com/index.cfm


Best Web Designers (National)


Freelance Talent Links | http://1234-find-web-designers.org


Creative Moonlighters | http://www.creativemoonlighter.com/company/company.cfm?bodydef=16&tc=201306&kw=business%20graphic

Low Cost Designers 200 plus! W/emails! http://budgetweb.com/budgetweb/graphics.php