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The importance of planning should never be overlooked. For a business to be successful and profitable, the owners and the managing directors must have a clear understanding of the company's customers, competition and marketplace. Whether you have a new business or an established business, creating an in-depth business plan, setting up a corporation, and obtaining all of the appropriate licenses, are essential to your survival and success. CPR Business Solutions provides all of the business services you'll need to grow your business!

Business Plans

CPR Business Solutions will work with you to create a professional business plan for your business. The lack of proper planning and the failure to set goals, are two of the leading causes of business failures. By taking an objective look at your business you can identify areas of weakness and strength. Our business plans will provide you with a clear vision of where your business is, and where you want it to be in the future.

Specifically, our business plans helps a business define and fix objectives. Our plans also help a business create programs to achieve their objectives by creating a process for the regular review of their business - a very valuable process often overlooked by many businesses. The value therefore, of a business plan, is in the decisions it influences and ultimately, how much money is in the bank as a result of those decisions.

90% of all businesses fail in the first two years. Failure is most often linked to a lack of planning. A CPR Business Plan can prevent the downward spiral often experienced when a company fails to properly plan for the success of the company. Our 20-30 page business plan will provide you with the path to success, and also help you to get the financing you need to grow your business.


1.0        Executive Summary

1.1         Objectives

1.2         Mission Statement

1.3         Keys to Success

2.0        Company Summary

2.1         Company Ownership

2.2         Company Location & Facilities

2.3         Start-up Summary

3.0        Services Provided

4.0        Market Analysis Summary

4.1         Market Segmentation

4.2         Target Market Segment Strategy

5.0        Strategy & Implementation Strategy

5.1         Sales Strategy

5.1.1          Sales Forecast

6.0        Management Summary

6.1         Management Team

6.2         Personnel Plan

7.0        Financial Plan

7.1         Important Assumptions

7.2         Break-even Analysis

7.3         Projected Profit & Loss

7.4         Projected Cash Flow

7.5         Projected Balance Sheet

7.6         Business Ratios


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At CPR Business Solutions, we can help you set up your business as a corporation. We will apply for your fictitious name, file documents to establish a Limited Liability corporation "LLC", apply for all of your business licenses, and apply for your federal tax I.D. number.

What are the benefits of Incorporating?

  • Most banks require your business to be incorporated to receive a business loan.
  • Creates separation between you and your business.
  • Business liabilities are liabilities of the corporation not you personally.
  • Sound business practice to protect your assets.

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Our goal at CPR Business Solutions is to help small to mid-sized businesses grow. To that end, we provide an array of services designed to assist you throughout the various stages of growth. One of the services we provide to business owners is a coordinated direct marketing plan. CPR Business Solutions is a direct marketing firm with a database of over 25 million names. Using the latest in technology, we can “touch” your existing and potential customers and help drive business to your doorstep. FAX and email blasting, voice messaging and direct mail are available to your customers to help them get more business today.

Credit Card Processing

Another service that CPR Business Solutions provides for you is credit card processing. As you know, consumers today are constantly pulling out their credit cards to pay for just about everything. If you are not already set up to accept credit cards, CPR Business Solutions offers several solutions to meet your needs. We have a variety of credit card terminals to choose from, and we work with several credit card processors to ensure that you get the best rates possible. If you are already taking credit cards we may be able to get you better rates, better equipment, or possibly access to immediate cash through our “CASH TODAY” program.

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Before you go to a bank – before you go to an angel investor – before you go to a venture capitalist –
You need a comprehensive business plan and executive summary.

Investors want to know:
  • Who you are?
  • What is your product?
  • How are you going to market it?
  • What are your sales strategies?
  • What are your projections?
  • Who is on your management team?

At CPR Business Solutions, we create the business plan you need to move your idea from just an idea - to the actual realization of your dream.

How do we do this?

We work with you to create a powerful business plan. A business
plan that will help in securing the financing you need. A business plan
that will help you to identify goals and establish the policies to achieve those goals.

But that's not all!!

CPR Business Solutions can also help you protect your business by setting up your company as a corporation. Moving your business assets into a corporation will shelter your personal assets from your business assets in the event of any liability claims or bankruptcies. Plus, most banks and investors will only lend money to a corporation.

If you are a start-up company looking for capital to launch your idea, or an established business in need of capital for expansion, we can provide that very important first step:

The Key Ingrediant is A powerful Business Plan!!

Services provided at CPR Business Solutions

  • Business Plan preparation (15 day turnaround)
  • Marketing plan preparation
  • Business filings (corporation, IRS, LLC, partnerships, etc.)
  • Advertising (Mail, FAX & email blasts, voice messaging)
  • Credit card processing
  • "Cash Today" Program that prepurchases your future sales to get the cash you need today

About Us

CPR Business Solutions was founded by in 2003 and is located in Las Vegas, NV. CPR Business Solutions provides a variety of business services to help small to medium sized companies grow their business.

As you know, many small and mid-sized business owners are continuously seeking financing for their businesses. Too often, they are unprepared to meet the requirements of their bank to receive a loan. At CPR Business Solutions we work with you to ensure that the proper documents and filings are completed, and that you have the business and marketing plan you need to get the financing you need.

Our service not only allows you to apply for a commercial loan or to attract an investor, it also helps you take a realistic look at your business by defining goals and establishing strategies to ensure your long term success. The end result is that you are prepared to get the financing you need, and you have a clear vision of the future of your business.

We have helped many businesses realize the financial success they deserve.

We are here to work with you to grow your business!!! Top of Page

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