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  • LOCAL ADVERTISING OPTIONS. We can Market Your Business with all the Best Local Media Resourses available throughout the year! Don't WAIT to get your Business in Front of the Legions of searching Eyes in your LOCAL Market.
Pay Per Click Search Engines Rankings. (PPCs can pay off BIG Locally)
Over 500 Million Searches a Day! Top
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Pay Per Click Account Managment:

Get highly targeted, cost-effective traffic to your website for as little as $.01 per click. (Meta -Tags must be optimized for Local indexing.)

  • Pay only when someone clicks through to your website.
  • Set a monthly budget limit to effectively manage your costs and ROI.
  • Adjust your bids "on-the-fly" to stay ahead of your competition.
  • Reach 85% of al Web users.
    This requires an Overture, Google (Adwords) and several other PPC accounts.
    Online Yellow Page Advertising.(Featured Positions)

    Reach ready-to-buy local customers where they're looking - in the online Yellow Pages!

    30% of all Searches are LOCAL!

    Optimization is Necesary for LOCAL Indexing. SE and Meta-Tags

    Example: There were over 30,000 searches for "Dentists Las Vegas" Last month...and Several Million searches for Las Vegas related websites.


    Smartpages, SuperPages, Yellow Yages, Switchboard, City Search etc...



    SMARTpages.com attracts the ready-to-buy consumer: SMARTpages receives more than 210 million annual visits and is growing. 70.4%2 of online users who visit SMARTpages contact a business as a result of their visit. 46.9%2 of visitors to SMARTpages make a purchase from a merchant. Over 69 million1 page views per month.

    Target over 5 million* ready-to-buy customers a month who are actively researching local businesses across the InfoSpace Local Search Network. These highly visible online yellow pages ads are designed to help you maximize your brand exposure and acquire new customers.

    Local Resident / LEAD List and Profiles for WEB WISE Campaigns. (Geographic | Demographic)

      Radio and Television Commercials. (Click Here Listen to Sample) Top



    "Amazingly Advanced Commercial Music Production”

    From The PIED PIPERS of Advertising...

    We’ve Created A NEW SONIC CANVAS for Advertising and Marketing!

    The STICKY SOUNDS Catalog has over 300 Audio Hooks and Motifs from which to choose.

    "Cutting EDGE Commercial Television Production” The ICON SERIES offers a Fresh approach to the Creation of Television and Web Commercials.

    No Matter What or Where you Sell..
    We Supply Customers in Every US City!
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