FRANCHISE MARKETING | Finding Your Best Prospects.

Q. How and Where Do We Market Your Franchise?

A. We have two franchise marketing options. The first is to expand your Franchise by finding prospect leads in states and cities where you currently have none. This page is dedicated to the first option. The second is helping to market the ones you have in place. We recommend using both Local and National marketing media for optimum results. The Web is a low cost medium to tie all the other marketing pieces together and obtain the most effective reach. Most interested parties will end up at the sales site we create for you or your company web site eventually. This is good because it keeps you in control of your overall presentation.

National... In the National Campaigns we use several techniques for reaching the best leads starting with a sales-letter web site. After the sales site is ready, we begin promoting the site with keywords, PPCs, web optimization and a dozen other methods to ensure it is seen by everyone that is looking for biz opp or franchise information online.

Next, we create press releases and articles about the current need and success of your other franchisees. We begin these campaigns with a human interest story slant. These PR tools are then submitted to our thousands of media databases. We can also create high impact Ads for the franchise offer magazines and directories that you are currently listed in. More...

Local... In the Local Campaigns we start with the"A List Leads" for that city and determine the most direct and cost effective ways to get our messsages in front of them. we spend the next 2 months sauturating thae city with your messages. At the end of this process we host a seminar to finalize the effort and determine your new franchisee. More...

Q. Who Do we Market Your Franchise To?

A. The Most Affluent in each city or town. (We call them "A Listers") No matter where you want to expand to - You have to find individuals who can AFFORD to buy and run your FRANCHISE...This is NOT most people. We choose our "A-Listers" by Proffesion, Income, Home Worth, Real Estate holdings and a multitude of other criteria.

YOU need to Market to ONLY those who can Invest in your Very Special Business Opportunity...We Market DIRECTLY to THEM without wasting time and money elsewhere.

Q. Why What Do We Do is Different...

A. We Target only those Individuals in the region who might be interested OR who have friends or business professionals that might take a look at the Franchise if presented in the right LIGHT. That is where we come in...we provide both superior presentation and marketing intelligence.

YOU need to have Marketing IMPACT to cut through the bombardment and NOISE of Modern City Advertising.

Q. We Cut Through by NOT Competing...

We start with good Marketing Intelligence. We then gather the"Best Lead Lists" available and apply a dozen unique "Info-Marketing" techniques and methods to market to your Best Prospects.

Our methods are DIRECT and always aimed in the right direction to make certain Your Opportunity Offer is at least seen by the ones who can actually capitalize upon it!

Q. We Combine Graphic Impact with Vital Information...

We create powerful marketing tools to both INTRODUCE and SELL Your Franchise. From the Website Salesletter to the 1-800 Number Message we create a symetry in all the campaign pieces to give the prospect the best first impression of your company. More...

YOU want at least ONE Perfect Franchisee in that Region or City.

This Is the End Goal of Our Entire Campaign...



Sales Letter Site (Lead Generation Website)

Assigned 1-800 number with Recording.

PPC accounts for Local promotion on all search engines and to promote Articles and Seminar.

Local Press Releases for local newspapers, radio and cable TV coverage.

Local Newspaper, Magazine and Free Press Classified Ads.

Door Hangers and Flyers in strategic "A-List" locations.

Direct Mail "Info-Marketing" Brochures and WEB WISE Guides to "A-Listers" (25,000 min)

3-5 Local Affluent Magazine Ads.(Need 30-40 days notice)

Local Web Portal Ads and Banners.

Print Brochures and Promo Pass Out Materials (We can create Commercials as well)

FREE SEMINAR (At the end of 60 days of marketing | 90-min - 2 hours in length)


Major Search Engine Submissions and Optimization.


Google, Overture, Yahoo, MSN, NBCi, Looksmart, FindWhat, Teoma, dozens more....

Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Accounts.


Google, Overture, Yahoo, MSN, NBCi, Looksmart, FindWhat, Teoma. Be seen in first page of top 25 SEs and Directories.

Regional Directory Submissions

If you have a local business, submit to regional directories. (e.g. Sidewalk San Diego, Seattle Happenings, Southern California Restaurant Guide, etc).

Article and Press Release Submissions

We Write articles and send them to ezine editors to be included as a feature article in their ezine. End the article with a "byline" which is a few sentences about your online business, and with a hotlink to your site. There are tens of thousands of PR outlets if you article gets included in just a handful of these you could find it in front of a few hundred thousand readers!

Banner Advertising


On Dozens of B2B and B2C Networks.

E-zine Advertising


We Place free and low-cost ads in various ezines and newsletters which reach your target audience.

Classified Ad Submissions

We Place bulk purchased low-cost ads in various online and offline newspapers and mags which reach your target prospects.

Targeted E-mail

We Send email to permision or targeted "opt-In lists" , and to opt-in lists. ("permission marketing") We can reach thousands a day with this method.

Submit a National Press Release


A press release, especially one based on a media hook, can be an effective way to get traffic to your site. We can post it over 40,000 contacts.

Newsgroup Postings


We Find newsgroups related to your industry, or that your target audience would be reading. Then make some intelligent posts, contributing to the ongoing discussion(s). If done correctly, newsgroup postings can bring you a great deal of traffic.

Announce on Safe-Lists

You can join safe-lists, or pay a service to place safe-lists announcements for you. Many do read the emails, especially if the subject line grabs them. They often check their safe-list email to verify that their own message has been properly sent. When doing so they often check out other interesting safe-list emails.)

Get Biz Opp Reviews

We Ask magazine editors with regular columns at large portals (like to do a product review of your franchise.

Follow-up Email Campaign

Virtually every pro marketer uses this powerful technique. Use automatic follow-up autoresponders to email a series of sales messages to your prospects, on preset days or intervals.

Maintain your PPC Search Engine Listings


We regularly check your current listing positions, and modify your bids as necessary.

Send Additional Press Releases


Stay in front of the media. If possible send out approximately one press release per month.

Place Additional Ads


Once we have have developed a winning Franchise AD,we will find additional ad space that targets your prospects. We can increase your advertising results by gradually advertising in publications with larger and larger circulations. We will Always continue to measure your advertising effectiveness.

More Targeted E-mail


Once we have determined that targeted emailing is working for you, we can multiply your efforts and do double, triple, or even ten times the amount of mailing.

Joint Venture (B2B) Marketing

Setup JVs (joint ventures) with other Franchisors and Local Businesses.

Expand Your Market

Develop national offers for your franchise site. Also consider developing a WAP (wireless application protocol) version of your website which can be viewed on wireless devices including cellular phones.

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