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CustoMores | About Us

WE at CustoMores are in the business of Creating Marketing Miracles for you and your business that will INCREASE your Customer base by thousands and SAVE you multiple thousands on your overall advertising budget. We pride ourselves in being a One-Stop Shop for all your Advertising and Marketing needs.

Our unique One-Stop-Shop is composed of a progressive team of Talented Graphic Artists and Completely Unconventional Creators who are breaking the mold of the mainstream and doing what no other marketing firm has ever accomplished.  We have combined the best of all marketing and advertising mediums into a one-stop-shop marketing strategy that can put any business on the map locally, regionally or nationally.

We have a Virtual and On-sight Operational System that includes ALL available advertising mediums . . . WWW, Internet, Email, Fax, Print, Mail, Billboards, TV, Film, Radio, Audio, Visual . . . what ever your vision, we can help you create your marketing miracle by putting you in front of your true target market.

We show our clients exactly how to get the edge by creating for them a powerful business identity using our talent pool of dynamic artists and writers who create innovative words and images that have instant impact.  We can TARGET YOUR TRUE MARKET, from nationally down to a 12 X 12 Block radius right in your own backyard! 

One of our unique marketing techniques is referred to as "Info-Marketing” which is basically the repackaging of advertising as information.  We call it "Info-advising."  Our intended mission is to turn advertising and marketing campaigns into a science of education and information, while saving our clients from throwing away their advertising dollars into the bottomless money pit of ineffective ads and promotions.  

We can create marketing miracles as a result of Many Minds Meeting and merging together into a Creative Alliance of talented minds going correctly in the same direction.  There is no real beginning and certainly no ending to the miracles that can be produced from this vast pool of energetic people who remain always as a Work In Progress.

The Mission

The CustoMores Mission is to fill the massive void that exists in the arena of Business Promotion and Advertising on a Local Level and the lack of effective Online and Offline Marketing Strategies.  The need for Creative Business Makeovers, both Online (Web) and off line (Local Community) is now a necessity if a business wants to progress into the new wave that is upon us.   

We will accomplish our mission by presenting the unique qualities of each client in an exciting new way,  whether it be a business, product, service, music, entertainment or art. , , the artThis can only be accomplished by leading the mainstream trends of creative advertising and by utilizing Intelligent Multi-Layered Direct Marketing Techniques that fill the void in all the overlooked Marketing Arenas available small businesses.

The Beginning

The Foundation of the Master Plan began in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2001 as a small Marketing and Consulting Firm with a very large vision - that of supplying small retail businesses and services with a much needed marketing edge.

The CustoMores Philosophy is simple – “Brand locally and consistently in your Local Neighborhood and then you CAN conquer the World!"  Sage explains his mission simply,  "The CustoMores System is based on a 12 X 12 X 12 Intelligent Marketing System. In other words, 12 Months + 12 Blocks + 12 Steps = Advertising Savings and More Customers.  

CustoMores provides a one-stop shop for demographic information, lead lists, print advertising, ad rates, ad campaign schedule planning, ad buys, and creative development.  This ultimately reduces "transaction time and costs" for Buyers and Sellers of advertising spots. We specialize in Local and National Business Promotion and Biz Art that combines the newest software technology, guerilla marketing techniques and graphic brilliance to the promotion of our clients.

Our research has proved that most consumer purchases are made within two or three miles of home. CustoMores simply discovered a new-age method that exploits what the chains and franchises have done for the past twenty years - they fine-tuned “consumer convenience.”   CustoMores has effectively accomplished the same results for its clients by using these same chain-buying habits with a unique on-line-off-line twist that allows them a fair competitive edge over the "big boy" chains at a fraction of the cost. 

These tools and insights have allowed CustoMores to accomplish in a single campaign what other direct-mail co-ops can't do in ten campaigns. CustoMores uses a combination of bold promotional techniques on the web coupled with offline mailing strategies that make their clients stand out and become "branded" in the neighborhood they call home.

CustoMores is a one-stop shop for logos, tag lines, print materials, website design and promotion, direct mail campaigns, lead lists, local media placement, print advertising, low ad rates, internet yellow pages, search engine placement, and above all, 12 months of consultation on what works and what doesn’t. 

 CustoMores is currently featured on the Entrepreneur Magazine website and is receiving inquiries from all over the US about their innovative marketing techniques. The following pages summarize our Divisions and how they function together to create marketing miracles to help large & small businesses soar as a result his "Info-Advising" Intelligent Marketing System.       

Current Creative Divisions

CustoMores, Inc. has formed a strategic alliance with, some of the most powerful on-line and off-line marketing and advertising specialists in the US and has synchronized these independent talents into a powerful machine capable of creating the marketing miracles we promise to our clients.


WebWiseWebWise features a unique series of  "Guides to Smarter Living" that are produced for direct mail campaigns, as well as on-line internet marketing campaigns.


CyberHooks features catchy phrases, keywords and innovative business hooks to get Your business the attention it deserves. Using the best copy writers in the industry, we intertwine the best CyberHooks into all our marketing promotions, including Brochures, Post Cards, Classified Ads, Flyers, Newspaper and Magazine Publications, Press Releases, Radio and TV Commercials and Infomercials.  Online we use the best of CyberHooks to create our URL Descriptions, Meta-tag Keywords, Ad Banners, Etc. We get your business known by giving your clients words to remember!


SickySounds produces Musical Audio Mantras designed to engage listeners on a deeper level by combining the simple melodic hook method of pop music with emphasis on the edgy and hypnotic. In stead of the customary passive background "elevator" music heard in most advertising, we create rhythm hooks to engage and hold your listeners on a more subconscious level. We incorporate thick groove technology into the acoustic instrumental realm to form an organic hybrid of the most powerful 60 seconds you can imagine. This provides our Clients the assurance that their message will be truly heard and remembered.

CustoMores 12 Step Plan to Powerful Marketing

  1. Define Your Product.
  2. Create Your Visual Image.
  3. Verbalize Your Message.
  4. Target Your Audience.
  5. Establish Your Web Presence.l
  6. Promote Your Story Hot Off The Press.
  7. Stay in tune with the Cutting Edge.
  8. Brand Locally in Every Media and Sense.
  9. Give Information away as a Free Gift.
  10. Synchronize Your Print, TV, Radio and Internet.
  11. Always Give 100% of what You Promise.
  12. Service Your Customers and Bank Your Profits!