Create Business Logo and Identity Theme.
Write Descriptive Business Content and Ad Copy.
Design Web Site with Optimization and Hosting.
Design All Print Media Promo Materials.
Conduct Demographic Market Research Campaign.
Create "Info-Marketing" Media Materials.
Write Press Releases and Gather PR Database.
Local/Regional PPCs, Google,Overture,Yahoo...
Featured Listings Online Yellow Pages/City Guides
Direct Mail Campaign - 25/50,000 "Info" Brochures.
Magazine Ads, TV and Radio Advertising.
Follow Local Marketing Tips Guides for rest of year.
The 12 X 12 Marketing System Uses Demographics, Intelligence, Geography, Graphic Impact, Logic and Vital Information to Get Your BUSINESS Noticed By thousands of LOCALS or millions of Web Visitors!

WHY Can WE Offer so Much?

Because WE use the WEB to make all these things REAL for you. The Web is simply the greatest Talent Pool in the World. It has also caused prices to drop for services. We simply draw from that Pool and organise the results.

  1. We use Partners and Alliances that are the BEST at what they do so we can make you look the BEST to your prospects and current customers/clients. They are also reasonable in cost.
  2. We are dedicated disciples of Guerilla Marketing and RESULTS.

Why WE Are SO Different…

  1. OUR IDEAS are New and Innovative, therefore, your Business Presentation will be the same..
  2. OUR / AD Campaigns are based on NEW IDEAS that have worked MIRACLES for other Businesses.
  3. Because we give you 500 PROMOTION OPTIONS (40 a month) throughout out the year. You choose - We Implement. That means we organise all aspects of the JOB with our TEAMS. (We have many Online Alliances.)
  4. We use Guerrilla Marketing Tactics that have achieved amazing results for others and are always cheaper.
  5. We save you Thousands in dead end Marketing by applying hundreds of Fresh but proven Marketing techniques.
  6. Our campaigns are calculated to bring you 5 to 10 X the response of Standard Direct-Response Campaigns.
  7. We hunt the Net and the City throughout the year to find even better options for the promotion of your business.
  8. WE make certain that YOU are Well KNOWN by your TARGET Market. Your Neighbors.

More Customores for YOU...That is the End GOAL. Top

“Optional” or * indicates that we will create and Implement the campaign but there will be additional costs.(We charge the Standard Advertising Rate of 15% on top)

No Matter What or Where you Sell..
We Supply Customers in Every US City!
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