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CUSTOMORES | Current Creative Divisions
CustoMores, Inc. has formed a strategic alliance with, some of the most powerful on-line and off-line marketing and advertising specialists in the US and has synchronized these independent talents into a powerful machine capable of creating the marketing miracles we promise to our clients.

WebWiseWebWise features a unique series of  "Guides to Smarter Living" that are produced for direct mail campaigns, as well as on-line internet marketing campaigns.

CyberHooks features catchy phrases, keywords and innovative business hooks to get Your business the attention it deserves. Using the best copy writers in the industry, we intertwine the best CyberHooks into all our marketing promotions, including Brochures, Post Cards, Classified Ads, Flyers, Newspaper and Magazine Publications, Press Releases, Radio and TV Commercials and Infomercials.  Online we use the best of CyberHooks to create our URL Descriptions, Meta-tag Keywords, Ad Banners, Etc. We get your business known by giving your clients words to remember!

SickySounds produces Musical Audio Mantras designed to engage listeners on a deeper level by combining the simple melodic hook method of pop music with emphasis on the edgy and hypnotic. In stead of the customary passive background "elevator" music heard in most advertising, we create rhythm hooks to engage and hold your listeners on a more subconscious level. We incorporate thick groove technology into the acoustic instrumental realm to form an organic hybrid of the most powerful 60 seconds you can imagine. This provides our Clients the assurance that their message will be truly heard and remembered.

CustoMores 12 Step Plan to Powerful Marketing
  1.     Define Your Product.
  2.     Create Your Visual Image.
  3.     Verbalize Your Message.
  4.     Target Your Audience.
  5.     Establish Your Web Presence.l
  6.     Promote Your Story Hot Off The Press.
  7.     Stay in tune with the Cutting Edge.
  8.     Brand Locally in Every Media and Sense.
  9.     Give Information away as a Free Gift.
  10.     Synchronize Your Print, TV, Radio and Internet.
  11.     Always Give 100% of what You Promise.
  12.     Service Your Customers and Bank Your Profits!

VIDEO Creation
VIDEO Promotion

VIDEO Creation
VIDEO Promotion

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